Pricing policy

Instructors: Light and Shadow Academy Pricing Tiers For Courses

As a global marketplace, Light and Shadow Academy offers students the ability to buy courses in many different currencies. Accordingly, Light and Shadow Academy has created a global price tier matrix, which includes the minimum and maximum list prices supported on Light and Shadow Academy, and also outlines the price points in each currency Light and Shadow Academy supports.

This article explains the differences between the list and base prices for courses, as well as Light and Shadow Academy’s global price matrix.

List vs. base price
Instructors set a base price for each course, which is used as the course’s list price for instructors who have not opted into the Light and Shadow Academy Deals Program. For instructors who opt into the Light and Shadow Academy Deals Program, Light and Shadow Academy may generate and display a market-specific list price that is different from the base price.

Instructions on how instructors can set or change the base price of their courses are available in this article.

The global price matrix
When instructors set their course base price in a given currency, they’re setting the base price at a particular tier. The list price that students will see in other currencies is calculated using the price tier matrix, based on the tier that it corresponds to. A student’s account currency is based on the geographical information that’s collected and entered when an account is created.

The price points on the tier matrix are not calculated using only strict currency conversions. Since Light and Shadow Academy is a global marketplace, the prices are also based on market conditions in different countries and will be adjusted regularly.
By default, students who do not have one of our supported currencies assigned to their Light and Shadow Academy account will see prices set in either EUR or USD. As noted above, the price tier is based on market conditions and may vary depending on their specific location.

Minimum sales price after discount

Each geographical market has a minimum sales price after discount, which may be periodically updated. The table below displays the minimum sales price after discount for Light and Shadow Academy’s major markets in their principal currency. All of the pricing tiers can be viewed in the price tier matrix.

One Year Diploma fee 3 Lakh &
SIX Month,s Diploma 2 Lakh.